Class Stereotypes In The Movie Industry

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Matthew Ross Professor Lisa Buscani DC-228 3-11-15 Class Stereotype in Movies The scripting of movies is one of the most important elements of movie production. Scripting dictates the direction that a movie takes from the first scene straight through to the last scene. It is for this reason that scriptwriters try to be as creative as possible to ensure that the movie meets the elements of the movie’s genre. The obvious expectation is that the scripts that exist in the movie industry are as diverse as the number of script writers in the industry since the industry is awash with scriptwriters. In as much as there are many scriptwriters in the industry though, one can not help but notice the obvious similarities that exist in the scripting of…show more content…
An analysis of most modern and past movies reveals that this stereotype is commonly presented in the movies. It is a stereotype that has its roots from the slavery period whereby the white people were the slave masters and the blacks were the slaves. In as much as hundreds of years have passed since the end of the slave trade, the mentality that the white people are the rich and wealthy whereas the blacks form the lower classes seems not to have died down especially in the movie industry. The stereotype is often presented complete with the rags to riches story for one of the black characters in the movie. The rags to riches story is often complemented by one of the white characters in the movie. The stereotypical presentation of the white characters or the white race as the superior class to the blacks is one that clashes with the ideals of ethical egoism. In ethical egoism, the prosperity of an individual is presented as not coming at the expense of another individual (Hinman, 107). It simply means that whereas one should strive to excel individually, one should not hurt another person in the process of trying to achieve this prosperity. Most movies that follow the stereotypical presentation of the whites as the superior class and the blacks as belonging to the lower classes however do not seem to appreciate the values of ethical egoism. In the movies that follow the said pattern, black characters are presented as being ready to do anything possible to move from the lower classes in to the upper classes regardless of whether their actions hurt those around them or not (Cook, 72). In most of these movies, the men are presented as resulting to violent means whereas the ladies are presented as resulting to evil means such as prostitution and blackmail in order
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