Landmark Supreme Court Case: Plessy Vs. Ferguson

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A landmark supreme case is a court case that is studied because it has historic and lawful importance. The most major cases are those that have had a long-lasting result on the use of a specific law, often regarding ones individual privileges and liberties. A societal impact is the result of an action on the social fabric of the community and good fortune of individual families. Plessy v. Ferguson a landmark Supreme Court case had a significant societal impact when it was ruled yes, the states can constitutionally legislate regulation requiring people of different races “separate but equal” segregated facilities. Plessy v. Ferguson occurred when two groups wanted to come together and defy the constitutionality of the Separate Car Act. A set…show more content…
Ferguson was a significant case in the historical events of the civil rights movement. This case was one of the first cases to go against the discrimination that was going on in the United States. Plessy v. Ferguson was the first step in initiating equivalence between whites and black in the U.S. Before Plessy vs. Ferguson many people wanted equality between different races, but no one challenged it. This case made it probable for the acts of the government to be confronted and transformed for improvement. The “separate but equal” policy was quickly drawn-out to cover many parts of civic life and stimulated various states to start a large offensive to rightfully demote all African Americans to a lower status. Before it was only the south that practiced segregation and now even the North started practicing segregation. Severe regulations were passed to effectively isolate the blacks from whites in every division of the society including, jails, restrooms, restaurants, public transportation, hotels, sports, schooling, healthcare, and even graveyards. African Americans were thoroughly repudiated the right to vote. Some extreme measures were taken for example, in Birmingham, Alabama blacks and whites could not play a simple game of checkers together. Although Plessy v. Ferguson was meant to take a step towards desegregation it ended up being an important setback in race relations. It authorized a stamp on racial persecution, and it consequently allowed more than fifty years of legal discernment and imbalanced opportunities. Furthermore, it set up wrong blockades of communication amongst blacks and whites that would block social development for years to

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