Book Vs Movie Flowers For Algernon

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Most of the time the book is better than the movie; but not here. Flowers for Algernon had major differences between the book and the motion picture. The movie turned to be much better than the book in several ways. I could see all the physical and mental changes Charlie went through. The movie shows the scene with Charlie’s mother, but the book version does not. The writers for the movie most likely did this because this created another layer of dimension to the plot of the movie; Charlie’s need to be loved. This whole scene shows the unloving mother that Charlie's mom was. The movie also has symbolism in a locket that Charlie has, as an empty heart meaning that he is missing the affection from his mother. This plot point helped the audience understand and help relate to Charlie and his mother better. Without this scene, the movie would of been shorter and the movie would have shown a smaller side of Charlie than what was capable.…show more content…
Charlie’s changes in the movie had to be acted out by Matthew Modine. In the movie, Charlie almost acted like a happy little kid, with a really ugly bowl hair cut. He wouldn’t be aware of any surroundings, or him being made fun of by the bakery staff. The book version is much different. In the book, the audience only could see through Charlie's writing. This can make it difficult to read, because the spelling and punctuation isn't present. Once Charlie becomes smart, we can see that he understands his surroundings more. All of his english becomes better and feels likes a

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