So Far From God By Ana Castillo

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As the question was asked, how does Ana Castillo’s characters, from their stories, and their struggles affect my notion of reality? However, how can we define reality? Reality as it is stated from internet is in fact defined as the world or the state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them, or the state or quality of having existence or substance. Basically reality means something that is in fact actual or real. Ana Castillo sets up a unique story that teaches us something from her novel So Far From God. Personally, the book is set up to describe and explain the people we love that can quickly vanish right in front of our eyes. For example, Sofi, a single mother with four daughters, lives in a small village of Tome, New Mexico, and they quickly vanish from her eyes in what most would say in the blink of an eye.…show more content…
This particular section was very misleading, and left me confused. From what I had gathered was that La Loca was the last one to die from what was known as AIDS or HIV infection towards the end of the novel; however, she had previously died before that and was brought back to life. Around the age of three La Loca was just found dead by her sisters and her mother. During her funeral, somehow the coffin opened and La Loca rose up and completely shocked the crowed. La Loca’s father questioned; however, La Loca states, “I smell my dad. And he was in hell, too…Mom, I been to hell. You never forget that smell. And my dad . . . he was there, too.”

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