Persuasive Speech: Fulfilly Lunch

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Reilly Byrne, Jacob Galloway Ms. Palazzolo Lit/Comp 2 10 November 2015 Outline I enjoy lunch at the greatest school on American soil St. John Vianney High school. I am sure most students would say the same about lunch. At Vianney lunch is good but unfortunately it can be pretty expensive. I hate it when I have to spend $3.50 on a sandwich, it kills me to see the dollars go away. That is the hardest part for me seeing the dollars leave my beautiful wallet. Our solution add lunch into tution. Lunch is expensive and Vianney needs everyone to get lunch everyday, and not go hungry, which is why lunch should be included in tuition. Eating a good lunch has benefits for your health. Strength will increase,you will look healthier, your immune system…show more content…
We would be cheaper than De Smet and SLUH. We would be $500 cheaper than De Smet and $1500 cheaper than Sluh (Sluh) (De Smet). We would be one of the only schools in the MCC that include lunch in tuition. The only other school is Villa Duchesne and Oak Hill School. It will be easier for the lunch ladies. They will know to make, let’s say, 700 sandwiches every day and this will save them time. The lunch ladies will know every day how much they need to make because everyone is buying. Buying the food to make will also be much easier. They will know to by, let’s say, 700 chip bags instead of guessing how many will be sold and even wasting food. Though our plan will probably never come true, we will be known for our hard work and innovation in the Griffin cafe. Ideas such as Vianney being still cheaper than De Smet and Sluh, better advertisement for the school and that everyone eats well here at vianney. These ideas are what made our project groundbreaking for the school. These are the kind of ideas that will set us head of our competitors. Lunch is great but it is way to expensive and add lunch into tution will decrease the cost and create equality among the students in the lunchroom. That is why we should add lunch into tution. Captiva Marketing. "Vianney." St. John Vianney High School. Captiva Marketing, 2015. Web. 20 Oct.

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