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Sports and Technology Annotated Bibliography Sports and technology has always been a topic that has been discussed over the past view years. The discussion has recently been has sports and technology hurt or helped the individual sports where it is used in. During the research that I conducted I was amazed at how many different sports leagues and sports committee's have blocked some pieces of technology that would give the athletes a leg up on the game. I was also surprised to find how many people support sports and technology introduction into the sports world. One example, is foul ball and home run replay technology being implemented into Major League Baseball (MLB). Some argue that replay would help the game because it will give the players…show more content…
"Instant Replay May Be Moving Into Foul Territory." New York Times 31 Aug. 2008: 2. Academic Search Premier. Web. 31 Oct. 2013. This article as a whole talks about how instant replay, especially in baseball, is a scam to lengthen the games and get more money out of the consumer. Some of the arguments presented in this article are that the use of instant replay baseball will be used to show the true skills of the players and to make the game "perfect". The second argument that the author presents is that replay is used to create more money for the individual sports by adding length to the game. The third point presented in the article is that umpires in baseball are the final decision and that replay is going to change the integrity of the game. This source is useful in relation to my research question in the way it shows a counter argument of why not to use instant replay in sports. A second way this source relates to my research question is by using facts and evidence in other sports to show how technology can be used effectively and…show more content…
"Impact of innovation, technology forces sport of tennis to evolve." Sports Illustrated. 06 24 2006: n. page. Print. Thos article as a whole talks about the different elements that have changed the game of tennis as a whole. The article describes four major changes to the game, the racket, the strings, the two-handed backhand, and nutrition and fitness. In the section about rackets the author shows how a change from wooden to metal, and now to composite rackets have made the players evolve in their style of play. The string also have evolved with the racked in the way that it is not so much where you hit the ball on the string it is, it is how hard the player swings and how much control the player has. The third thing is the evolution of the two-handed backhand and how player adapted to hit the ball constantly hard with both hands. Lastly, comes nutrition and fitness, and how both of these principles have lengthened the game and made players be more conditioned. This source is useful towards my research because it shows specific examples of how sports and technology has effected a sport. Another reason why this source is useful is because it gives an overall view point over the effects sports and technology have had on tennis, past, present, and

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