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M1 Written Assignment Plattsburgh: Internationally at Home Globalization has positively shaped Plattsburgh, New York and the surrounding communities. Socially, politically and economically the area has seen its upheavals and challenges, but with the help of advanced technology, inspired politicians and a resilient population, Plattsburgh has become the hub of the Adirondacks and is nicknamed “Montreal’s U.S. suburb,” as Plattsburgh is only forty minutes away from Montreal. Globalization is the “process that promotes economic, political, and other cultural connections among people living all over the world,” and I argue that because of this process, Plattsburgh is the bustling city it is today. Plattsburgh’s history demonstrates the…show more content…
Plattsburgh was the site of historic events like the Revolutionary War's Battle of Valcour Island and the War of 1812's Battle of Plattsburgh. Due to these historical events the city has a War of 1812 museum. Plattsburgh takes fully advantage of these historical sites by making annual events, for example the Mayor’s Cup Regatta and The Battle of Plattsburgh Celebration and Reenactment. In addition, Plattsburgh uses Lake Champlain as a resource to bring in tourism as well with the Bass Fishing Tournament. The City of Plattsburgh webpage states the impact the Bass Fishing Tournaments have: Lake Champlain has become known world wide as the premier location for Bass fishing. The City of Plattsburgh has hosted the largest professional bass fishing tournaments in the world. Competitors have competed for millions of dollars in prize money in events organized by the FLW and BASS. Televised shows can be seen on ESPN and the Fox Sports Network, these networks broadcast in 80,000,000 homes in the United States and 480,000,000 worldwide. In the last 3 consecutive years, world records weights had been…show more content…
The U.S.-Canadian Border allows for many cultural exchanges including the exchange of food, music, knowledge and language. Politically Plattsburgh, through business leaders and politicians, innovates new ways to attract the northern tourists, businesses and employers into the area. Globalization through the proximity of Plattsburgh and Canada makes a positive influence on the community and allows for internationally living at home in the United

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