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MARKETING MAKETING PLAN UNIVERSAL BUSINESS SCHOOL Blake John Gonsalves Student Id- st20060682 Module- 7003 Instructor: MR BIBHAS B. 9 MARKETING ACTION PLAN 23 10 BIBLIOGRAPHY 24 1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Bee’s Tees is a new business in the area of custom t-shirt printing. Bee’s tees will allow their customers to print their own designs on t-shirts (front/back) or anywhere they would like it. Bee’s tees will over a wide choice of styles in the printing process from screen printing to direct to garment printing, these will be explained later in the report. Apart from this Bee’s Tees will also have their own line of designer shirts that…show more content…
• The country’s middle class is expected to grow. Technological factors • Certain firms can receive loans for upgrading their technology at interest rates that are 5 per cent lower than the normal lending rate The government has FIPB (foreign Investment promotion Board) to facilitate foreign investment in India. Thus Indians can make use of that technology. 3.4 COMPETITIVE SITUATION The apparel and textile sector is booming in India sales for the organized stood at Rs 40,000 crores and the t-shirt segment constitutes for 9% of that figure (fashionunited 2013) in 2012. Bee’s tees intend on having a slice of that pie. Listed below are the main competitors for Bee’s Tees. 3.4.1 I in India Neil Dantas, founded I in India. His idea was to voice civic opinions through T-shirts.(Sawhney 2010). USP- gathering Indians through social cause through their t-shirts. Distribution…show more content…
And will have strategic tie ups with different stores around India. Besides this, customers can place an order online, after which hi product will be delivered to him at his door step. 8.3.1 DISTRBUTION CHANNEL 8.4 PROMOTION Since Bee’s Tees is entering a highly competitive segment. They need to aggressively market their brand and do heavy promotions in order to build brand recognition. The promotions will be done in 3 phases. Phase 1- launching the Bee This phase will start just before Bee’s Tees goes into the market. The main aim of this phase is to gather awareness. • Billboard advertisements with just the company logo, the words “BEE aware, WEE coming” and company’s website. • Facebook posts, twitter tweets, with the words “BEE aware, WEE coming” • Distribution of pamphlets in crowded areas at strategic locations. Only company logo, the words “Dream it, we create it” and website will be printed • Company logo will be printed on merchandise and will distributed free of cost at our strategic partner’s location. • Will advertise using muppies. Only company’s logo will be shown. Once enough hype is created about Bee’s Tees we move into phase

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