Product Positioning Strategy: Competitive Product Positioning Strategy

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CHAPTER-III COMPETITIVE PRODUCT POSITIONING STUDY As per the aim of the research project, in order to arrive at a unique strategy for the new helmet designed to be launched in the market, it is imperative to first analyze the existing personal protective equipment products manufactured by global leaders and top-tier firms. Through this, the understanding of effective positioning strategies shall be facilitated, which in turn shall allow for the creation of an innovative and competitive strategy that covers the presently existing gaps in PPE. The first portion of this chapter deals with the comprehensive evaluation of the products manufactured by global leaders, complete with a discussion on their features; while the second portion effectively…show more content…
The firm is committed to manufacturing services that promote higher standards of safety through additional features to improve comfort and longevity of products. JSP products are also ecologically sound and reduce pollution without the consumer having to go to great lengths to dispose the product after its life cycle is complete. The firm was certified as a market leader in the European Head Protection sector by Frost and Sullivan in 2011, and has been recognized for its consistently dependable industrial protection systems. JSP products are created under Kitemark quality system that guarantees meticulous manufacturing control and product testing, thereby reducing the assembly of faulty products (British Standard Institution, 2012). III.A.i.c) Brief overview of JSP products conforming to market study…show more content…
It unites a sturdy ABS shell with the innovative 3-dimensional harness system (Evolution-3D) designed to maximize wearer comfort. The helmet is deemed to be unbeatable in terms of its night-time visibility as a result of its inbuilt ‘CR2-Reflective’ system, as well as its incorporated eye-shield system that makes add-on eye protection outmoded. III.A.i.c.1.2) Variant Analysis of EVO5 Olympus Global The figure above (Fig.III.A.i.c.1.2) showcases product differentiation through a comprehensive evaluation of the unique features of each helmet. This trend exemplifies the positioning strategy as an incrementally positive relationship between added features and selling price, as has been explained in the following section. III.A.i.c.2) Variant: EVOLite Safety Helmet III.A.i.c.2.1) Product Description EVOLite is a breakthrough safety product that attains higher levels of compliance due to its features such as a six-point Terylene cradle and a sweatband made from Egyptian cotton. With a weight of 280-300 grams (depending on the variant), it is the lightest safety helmet available in the United Kingdom, and the third lightest helmet globally conforming to the EN397. It provides protection to workers in high altitudes or in situations with high activity intensity, such as road

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