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A sports facilities manager or Athletic Director of Facilities oversees much of the background work that goes on with putting a sporting event on. Facilities managers are often overlooked when thinking of jobs in the sports world. Being a sports facilities manager may not be the most glamorous job in the sports world but it is definitely one of the most influential to the experience and smooth running of all sporting events. Facility management focuses on ensuring that everything with the facilities that will be needed for sports are all together. This may range from hiring people to clean the snow off the field before a football game or making sure the field hockey field is watered before a tournament. If you want to be a sports manager you…show more content…
Some places that hire sports facilities managers are municipal governments, private sports organizations, colleges and universities, as well as public schools. Those types of places have sports and recreational facilities and will be a place to look for someone that can help run there facilities and it varies when those jobs are available. When it comes to sports facilities and sports management in general, the states with highest income level and employment are California and New York. The Bureau of Labor collected data agents, business managers of artists, performers and athletes and the states with the highest employment of them are New York, California, Florida, Illinois and Tennessee. This means these states have the most athletes and because of that there will be more athletic facilities. Those examples of places are where sport management employment is abundant and will continue to be in the…show more content…
Some facilities have classrooms and spaces for conferences and seminars. The reason many facilities have turned into this is because people have higher expectations and also there is something for everyone to do; it helps enhance the experience for the customer. Since so many professional sports facilities are new and renovated there has also been a rise in the amount of new and renovated college facilities, with colleges competing against each other. This is an important trend because now the facilities are more advanced and stadiums are nicer the athletes could train and perform better since there are more resources with newer facilities. One important part about an indoor sports facility is the flooring and over the years it has changed and gotten away from the traditional maple wood. Synthetic gym floors now have become more popular especially since there is more advanced technology to be able to use it in a wide range of things. They are also a lot easier to clean and maintain the wood. These are the type of the trends that are occurring in sports facility management right now also the employment outlook for this

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