Revolutionary Movement Vs Romantic Movement

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The Romantic Movement, also known as the Romantic era or the Romantic period, was a crusade that initiated in Europe in the late 18th century. The Romantic era had a grandiose explosion of artistic, literal and intellectual advances. Romanticism emphasized everything the previous ages refused to display. In the Revolutionary time the new found colonies are breaking away from the mother land, letting them realize that they had the capability of becoming their own nation. This essay with illustrate what both the Romantic Movement and the Revolutionary time had in common and at the same time differed from one another. The Romantic era was a way to return back in to the natural belief of the goodness in all humanity. It is believed that each age finds a reflection of their values when looking back at other time periods, and the romantic time was no exception. Romantic works pursued to recreate the past in historical detail, sometimes preferring to reenact the past instead of living the present. In the romantic time there was a noticeable interest in the Gothic style that was a major characteristic of the Middle Ages. This style was manifest in the romantic architecture and the literacy work.…show more content…
This period is well known for the separation from the arbitrary government authority. Another revolution that caused a big revolt was the industrial revolution. The industrial revolution was the final stage for the world-historical struggle between the leaders of the industry and their laborers. With the laborers conquest, the inauguration of socialist and communist society began. They fought for what was right and at the end they acquired many things that play a big role in today’s

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