What It Takes To Be An American Essay

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What it takes to be an American. (An Examination of What it takes to be an American) I know not everyone knows what it is like to be an American I understand clearly. We have all noticed or heard of all the immigrants trying to get a job in the United States of America. All of us Americans know we are fortunate to have a strong army and a very serious government. Also our country helps mostly all the other country’s with their needs. The United States has been around a very long time we are not the first people who stepped on the land it dated back to around the 1700’s or so. Though everyone who is born into this country are considered Americans, what does it truly mean to be an American after they have lived on our beautiful country our homeland soil? There is many of things that I could talk about being a true American but these pretty much sum them up are: they are patriotic and they will try to vote every time, they will help the society and the land, to society and their community, and that they are very reliable and will to put as much hard work as they can. One big thing about being an American is that you have to show has much as you can of Patriotism. You can show a lot of Patriotism by doing research or visiting places. Declaration of Independence, the…show more content…
But it’s not that if you’re smart enough to produce devices like this you’re a true American, it’s that people take initiative and work everlasting at what they accomplish to generate them. It doesn’t have only to enact with technology, but just the working man in general. That’s how an industrious man and or woman are a true American. Mostly all the Americans have jobs or they try to get one because nothing is free in the United States you have to have a job to make money or stay out of debt. If you have a dream you need to go reach and achieve your dream or it will never

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