Chuck Blazer

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Chuck Blazer, a senior manager of the FIFA organization held the position of executive committee member, Blazer held the position from 1997 to 2013, and informed investigators that he described facilitating the bribe process in connection to the 1998 World Cup bidding process. In the 1998 the World Cup was held in France, Blazer still negotiated the bribe amount with a Moroccan official. Chuck Blazer was had a run in with the Department of Justice due to Tax Evasion, once they cornered Blazer he then in turn provided information to the Department of Justice relating to the illegal activities being conducted by senior management of FIFA. Blazer then wore a listening device when he met with other football officials, while in the World Cup that was held London in 2012. In the case of Chuck Blazer it technique does not meet whistleblowing due to the reason he cooperated with the government is more to reduce charges or as part of a potential plea deal, if that aspect was taken away then he would have acted…show more content…
Blazer by cooperating with Department of Justice will eventually lead to a change in management that will cease the current action of the senior management. Another main reason I believe that Blazer is technically not a whistleblower is because he did not report the unmoral acts being committed by the senior management internally to the ethics committee, nor externally to the Department of Justice prior to his arrest for Tax Evasion. Effects on Employees-At-Will The FIFA scandal affects employees-at-will within the organization directly and also affects indirectly employees-at-will that work for other organizations that work directly with FIFA in the world market. FIFA is affected directly due to the organization having to restructure and dispose of all senior management involved with the scandal. Some of the employees that are involved with the scandal hold essential position within the organization.
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