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"Maximizing the talent and ability you have. Being prepared. Being unselfish. Achieving goals that are set and overcoming challenges." That is how National Basketball Association veteran and Florida Atlantic University men's basketball coach Michael Curry defines success. This quote defines Curry. A collegiate star at Georgia Southern University, Curry earned his bachelor's degree in business administration and finance from Georgia Southern University. Curry knew coming out of college, he had the opportunity to play low-level professional basketball. He wasn't an NBA player, but if he worked hard, he could make it to the highest level. He never made excuses; he just kept grinding. For Curry, life is a marathon, not a sprint. For his first four years, Curry was in the minor leagues in Europe. He was trying to get to the ultimate level of playing the NBA. He enjoy the value of competing against the greats. He cherishes the games he has…show more content…
He loves waking up in the mornings and seeing Florida sunshine instead of cold weather. Curry and the other coaching staff often go to the beach and enjoy picnics with their families. Curry added former NBA point guard Eric Snow to his coaching staff. He wanted to add someone who is a great teacher. He wanted someone that can teach the guards. He always had a relationship with Snow. They competed against each other and worked out in the off-season in the su in Detroit and Atlanta. Snow was one of Curry executive board members when he was the president of the NBA players union. He always desired to work with Snow, their a dynamic duo that star trunk the student athletes. Transitioning from NBA to college has nothing to the with basketball for Mr. Curry. The biggest adjustment happened to be monitoring the team academically and socially. He enjoys it and it keeps him busy because he know it's life after basketball and he wants to prepare these 18-22 year

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