Reflective Learning Account: Coaching And Leadership Development

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Reflective Learning Account My experience during the coaching and leadership development module was very fruitful and rewarding. In summary, this module was all about leadership, leadership development, coaching and reflective practice. I learnt about what makes coaching important in leadership development because CIPD (2008) stated that coaching is the most appropriate tools to support leadership development and, I was also taught that coaching help improve organizational performance in term of leadership development. In this like, we started discussing if leaders are made or born? How they should raise awareness and how leaders should be a good steward, professionalism, transparent and honest. In doing that to become a successful coach…show more content…
On the other hand, I was challenged with the followings during my coaching practice: first, as a coach, I realised that I was lecturing rather than focusing on building partnership. Secondly, I was supposed to focus on asking my clients what their options on the dissertation writing, instead of that I was rather telling them what to do which basically is not a coaching procedure. In addition, I found myself talking more instead of talking less and listening more. As a result, I was making a judgment instead of giving specific feedback. Arnold (2009) noted that coach is not a judge, as a coach, your part is to be a catalyst for transformation. The coach must attain this by wheedling the client through inquiring to develop their own results. This further requires a key skill to be effective: building good rapport, demonstrating empathy, using intuition, goal setting, asking questions and giving feedback. What makes the coaching practice good is that it help me to understand the steps involved in building leadership development and also made me to know how to develop leadership knowledge, understanding and practice of the role of coaching as a leader. However, due to lack of experience in coaching, I could not deliver to…show more content…
This skill will equip professional coaches to become a catalyst for change. Larson and Richburg (2003) argue that leadership coaching is a personal development practice intended to improve a leader’s achievement in succeeding his/her aims within an organization ethics. However, the aim of coaching is to increase the usefulness of the organization’s leadership talent through interactive guidance and learning. This success, in turn, helps ensure better achievement for the organization as a whole. Coaching practice can be used to improve the leadership skills of directors, executives, professionals, and other talented leaders at all stages Larson and Richburg (2003). According to Lawson (2007) leadership coaching improved communication skills, improving leadership skills, increased productivity, overcoming barrier to success, better decision making, increased self-awareness, and self-limiting behavior/belief. The method uses to encourage my learning today is how coaching contributes to leadership development. Bolden (2004) stated that leadership

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