International Business Management: Case Study Of Anadolu Efes

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Anadolu Efes produces and markets beer and malt and non-alcoholic beverages in a wide geographical area comprising Turkey, Russia, Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East. Efes is a member of the anadolu group. In 1969, the anadolu group transformed into a holding company, because of its rapid growth. Since the 1980's Efes has been the market leader, it commenced its operations in turkey in 1969. Then from the 1990's the company expanded its operations overseas. To ensure commercial sustainability in the global market, efes entered into a strategic partnership with SABmiller and increased its strength in the foreign markets. Currently Efes continues its operations as a global company, which exports three quarters of its production. As for…show more content…
They avoid the use of marketing contents that might encourage consumers to irresponsible behaviors, be considered political or discriminatory, or offend the value judgments of the society or a specific community. Anadolu Efes ensures that its products are only sold at sales points complying with regulations and that they are not sold to minors. Anadolu Efes operations conduct various projects to inform consumers regarding the risks of irresponsible alcohol consumption and to raise awareness on the issue of responsible consumption. And out of respect for international norms of behavior, responsible consumption is encouraged through practices differing by country, due to cultural differences. In 2015, Efes has reduced their carbon footprint by using energy resources more efficiently, and they’re implementing water management policies to reduce their water consumption. And by 2020, they will reduce energy consumption and emissions per unit product in breweries by 17% compared to 2008. Finally, Efes invests heavily in the community in which it operates; the company supports various programs regarding sports, arts and culture. Contributing to the projects for the development of sports for 39 years, cinema for 28 years, theatre for 23 years, and tourism for 8

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