Ifca Msc Berhad Case Study

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Content Part 1: Organisation Profile Precisely describe the selected organisation covering the name, nature of business, size, vision, products and/or services offered, its competitors, revenue generated (supported by statistical data) and a brief description of company founder as well as its history. The organisation selected by our group is called IFCA MSC Berhad. It Is a business software solution company and established in 1987. It is specializing in the property industry for 30 years and it has more than 500 staff across IFCA offices which are located in South Africa and Asia (IFCA MSC Berhad 2015). This company had been publicly listed as IFCA MSC Berhad in the Bursa Malaysia. The company designed and built the software solutions…show more content…
sponsorship, gender equality, go green, etc.). Analyse the impacts of those social responsibilities on its business. The type of social responsibility in IFCA MSC berhad is accommodative approach. The business environment of IFCA MSC berhad is not operate in an environmentally sensitive business, but they have a duty to minimize the harm on the environment. For an example, the organization will always re use , recycle and minimize the use of resource in order to take care of environment. With this,the corporate will show a good business manner on how to reduce cost while keep the operation in high efficiency. Besides, the organization held a meeting for the step to reduce the usage of papers. During the financial year, the management also advised the staff to recycle paper and reduce the storage of documents and paper (IFCA MSC Berhad 2015). Moreover, the organization informed every staff to save energy such as switch off the light, air-conditional and other before the leave the room.…show more content…
IFCA MSC berhad have avoids the situation of racist and maintain the equality gender in order to allow to enhance the reputation of IFCA MSC berhad. So, the organization have make decision to hire new staff and raise staff through their daily performance, skills, experience and others. The following impact of the social responsibility for IFCA MSC berhad is reduce cost. Nowadays, most of the company will like to reduce their expenses. The next impact of the social responsibility for IFCA MSC berhad is increase professional. Provide training able to develop more skills for the employees, so they will become more proactive, responsibilities, wise and other on solving the business environment problem such as using fruit peel to make dish soap. Without any professional employees in the company, the monthly expenses of the company will be getting higher, in the end company has to beard this all unused expenses in another word the company has the less

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