Banning Pitbulls Research Paper

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Have you ever seen a Pit Bull smile? If you have then you have seen that little twinkle in their big eyes. Yet these amazing creatures are being put up for a fight they can't win. People want to ban pit bulls from America because they are “vicious.” As owners we need to stick together to keep them from taking them away. many of us have pit bulls and other pets as well but to us they are family.wouldn't you do everything you can to keep your family whole? we have seen them at their best and at their worst. they are just like every other dog well...bigger. they like sitting in your lap and watching tv, they like going for runs and playing fetch just like every other dog. what are we going to do ban every dog breed in america?they can't do that pit bulls are just as loving as any shih tzu. pit bulls deserve to stay in america with their families. it's not the pit bulls fault they have horrible owners. pit bulls have been known for dog fighting and attacks. we know that they are worth more than that. most pit bulls have endured some form of abuse in their lifetime.they might have been beaten starved fought or just plain tortured. some get tossed to the road…show more content…
(Pit bull heroes hall of fame (2011) Available at: (Accessed: 11 December 2015). yet people still veiw them as a danger to society but did anyone think maybe they atacked someone because they were trained too or maybe that they felt threatend by the person they attacked? no one ever seems to ask what they did to the dog or even chose to think what might have happened to the dog in the past they just think instantly “Oh it's a pit bull of course he attacked him for no reason what so ever.” we know there is always a reason for the attack but people never look at the bigger

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