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Ellen Goodman, former columnist for The Boston Globe, examines and reiterates social change and cultural phenomenons and how these issues impact the lives of people around the world. As a columnist who won a Pulitzer- Prize Award, she was one of the first women to voice an opinion on the oped pages, and became, according to Media Watch, “the most widely syndicated progressive columnist in the country”. After ending her career as a columnist for The Boston Globe in 2010, Goodman continued her passion for commentary, as a writer, speaker, commentator and nonprofit leader. Goodman has started a non-profit organization, The Conversation Project, focused on changing the way people talk about, and prepare for their end-of-life care. After the award-winning…show more content…
To subjects that people sometimes avoid talking about. Sarcastic comment after sarcastic comment gives her pieces a more informal nature, pulling in the attention of readers young and old, and keeps their attention by her bold comments and down-to-earth take on controversies. “Grow-up Caitlyn”, a column about the world-famous transgender, Caitlyn Jenner. “Yes I am happy Caitlyn came out as female,” wrote Goodman. “She is now likely to be paid exactly 77 cents on the dollar.” Her humor quickly rolls into judgment. “May I ask why Caitlyn couldn’t come out as a 65-year-old woman, rather than a 25-year old scarlet,” questioned Goodman. Not only does the wise columnist push the envelope of hot topics, but she is very good at formulating her words to get the exact mood she is looking for for the piece. Goodman often uses metaphors, witty phrases, a variety of short and long sentences, and “everyday” language to get her sense of passion about the subject across to her audience. The passion Goodman brings to her writing has never been more evident than in her one of later column, the one that concerns how big health care companies are bringing mortality into their practices. Physician don’t leave their morals at the examine room door, but where can the line be draw to separate personal views and one’s obligated

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