Csr In Malaysia Case Study

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In Malaysia, the area of corporate social responsibility (CSR) has developed aggressively in the last decade and is gradually becoming universal. Companies are now expected to put into account all aspects of their performance including social, environmental performance and financial results. Thus, more organizations are now engaged in serious efforts to define and conform CSR into all aspects of their businesses.[ Ahmad NN, Rahim NLA. “Awareness of the concept of corporate social responsibility among Malaysian managers in selected public listed companies” (2003)] There are some legislation that have already been incorporated in Malaysia which will be the Environment Quality Act (1974), The Anti-Corruption Act (1977) and The Human Rights Commission of Malaysia Act (1999). Many companies have practised CSR for some time whereby others have started to embrace it. CSR has gradually gained its pace by creating awareness of sustainable development to the public and also being socially responsible for the improvement.[ Paul Thompson, and Zarina…show more content…
This industry however does not only limited to the practices of charity donations, but include other practices such as sponsoring art and sport events, renewable energy projects, helping single mothers and many more. Since as early as 1974, Petronas has been practised CSR as it is ranked the highest in Malaysia for its CSR practices in the petrochemical industry.. Apart from sponsoring major events in Malaysia, Petronas also has other international CSR projects such as in Vietnam and South Sudan. Petronas has alleged that its CSR efforts are also to involve every employee in the organization to participate in its CSR activities in terms of child sponsorship and also charities. At the moment, about 10% to 15% of Petronas staff volunteer to be involved with CSR activities outside their normal working

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