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Education Tourism: A New Perspective One possible alternative could be Education Tourism especially, overseas school trips. Singapore being one of the very few countries that is multi-racial can use this opportunity for other tourism. Singapore is known to the world for its multiracialism and STB can use this idea and offers multiracialism knowledge as the unique selling point. As quoted, “Over four-fifths of teacher who responded want to do more out of school trips and regard as amongst the most valuable educational activities.” (National Forest, 2008) However, with that being said, the purpose of education tourism commonly revolves around acquiring professional knowledge in Singapore such as overseas study programs. Therefore, it will…show more content…
It will take another approach for us and the tourists to appreciate the education in heritage in Singapore. In our 10 years of mandatory formal education, we have been exposed to many opportunities to embark on field trips to different historical places. Out of that many opportunities, how many of them did we utilize well? In fact, Heritage Tourism includes the education element but it is often neglected and the focus usually turns towards showing rather than sharing. It might seem more of a commodity tourism instead of education tourism. These field trips typically taught us to know about them when the real purpose was to teach us how to appreciate them. Anyone who has access to the internet can easily find information about Kampong Glam and what differentiates these tourists is how one understands and appreciates those tough times the Malays had and not simply just knowing about it. This is the gap where education comes in. Singapore’s education tourism has been largely based on academia and I feel that heritage education could be something that STB could turn their attention to. There is a platform for STB to opportune where its infrastructures and community can provide a more realistic and interactive experience for the tourists but they are not doing
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