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Persian or the Iranian cuisine is the traditional, authentic, modern style and one of the most ancient technique of cooking in Iran (formerly known as Persia), an Islamic republic situated in West Asia with a diverse population. Persian cuisine like the Chinese, has had thousands of years of change and improvisations but still firmly establishes on its ancient roots. It is ancient, varied and cosmopolitan (Price, 2009) and also referred as a product of skill, creativity, patience and compassions of number of generations. Among the oldest cuisines all over, the cuisine has been famous for its richness in flavor, grace and stylish in appearance and also for its precision. History and evolution The history of Iranian cuisine goes long back to…show more content…
It underwent a repeated invasions, helping and creating diverse culture which also reflected the diversity of its cuisine not only in terms of ingredients but also its methods of cooking. Some of the earliest influences were provided by the Greeks during their period of civilization then the Roman Empire provided a high level of expertise and skill in agriculture. Further much more development occurred through the emergence of Islam also including interregional influences. (MacVeigh, 2009) Factors such as civilization, trade, settlement, exchange of culture and travel were like a platform for evolution as well as spreading of the Iranian and Middle Eastern cuisine. Description & Literature review The Persian cuisine has always been a source of enigma, fascination and discovery. Being one of the world’s most important and influential cuisines, the traditional Persian cooking wears its heritage on its sleeve. While the people are acquainted with the history and philosophy and other attributes of Persia, the food has not been known to a deeper and wider extent in the west until now. For a curious observer who knows Iran as one of the most established wine producing countries, it is very exciting to know about the growth,

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