Importance Of Herbal Medicine In Mental Health

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ASSIGNMENT ON RESEARCH TOPIC: TRADITIONAL TREATMENT METHODS INCLUDING FAITH HEALING AND TRADITIONAL HEALING IN PRACTICE AMONG VILLAGES OF JHARKHAND FOR MENTAL ILLNESS Name of the student: Manish Kumar Enrolment no: R2014MH001 MENTAL ILLNESS Mental illness or mental disorder is a significantly deviant thoughts, emotions, cognitions and behaviours which interferes significantly with an individuals functioning in personal, cognitive, emotional, family, social and vocational areas. MENTAL HEALTH According to WHO, Mental health is a state of well being in which an individual realises his or her own abilities, can cope with normal stresses of life, can work productively and is able to make a contribution to his or her own community.…show more content…
Herbal medicines may be used in developing countries because they are more accessible and affordable than Western pharmaceuticals. Tradition and familiarity also play a role in their popularity. While it is likely a psychiatrist will find that patients from such backgrounds have used herbal treatments before presenting for assessment, this does not mean that the traditional medicines are (or are not) effective. Depression Sarai 1992, reviewed herbal medicines used in Japan, among them: saikoka-ryukotu-borei-to for anxiety and depression; yokukan-san-ka-chinpi-hange for agitated depression and nightmares; choto-san for headaches; and hoch-ekki-to for “exhausted depression”. Each of these herbal medicines is a complex combination of herbs; a novel aspect of Sarai’s paper is that the ingredients for each medicine are listed, including quantities and dosages. However, Sarai also noted no double- blind controlled trials were available to test for efficacy. Further, the studies cited were in vitro and animal studies and the mechanisms of the medicines are mostly unknown. Thus, efficacy in humans is…show more content…
The trials reviewed used active controls i.e. receiving another therapy (a different type of meditation, biofeedback, or relaxation therapy). Participants also continued their anxiolytic medications. Both studies were conducted in the US and the reviewers were not able to identify any studies from India, China or Thailand which met their inclusion criteria. This is a potential bias as meditation techniques originated in the East and may be practised more purely in those countries. In summary, there is no evidence to show meditation is superior to medication or other psychotherapies. Meditation may be a useful adjunct to conventional treatments, but larger trials of better quality are required to show its

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