The Benefits Of Multitasking

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In today’s world, it is very difficult to find the people who do not multitasking. Now, it is the part of our daily life routine. What is multitasking? It is the work in which people can engage in performing multiple things at once in their jobs.. What I believe is, this is the best source of work and people can save time while doing more than one work at the same occasion and can complete it in the quantity of a given time. This is the basic tool and it helps with the increasing amount of work. The ability to multitask successfully would sound appealing to a job employer for the reason that a person could finish a lot of jobs in a short period of time. I am a hard-core person. Which means to engage in both social and academic multitasking.…show more content…
When I was a kid. I did a lot of things, but does not consider that this was a multitasking. The kids start with the crawling and as the time passed, it changed to the walking. I remember when I was 8 years old, my sister was born. My mom used to ask me to help change her diaper. I used to hold both her legs with my one hand and with the other hand, I feed her by giving the milk. Give her a bath by putting her in the sink. Later, being in school while the teacher was teaching us, I was writing the notes of the conversation on the paper and pass on it to my friends. When I come home in the afternoon I used to study with the music on. I never noticed myself that I was performing multitasking. I do not even stop listening music during my exams. I know it is not magnificent, but still the music does not come into my ears, I could not study with
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