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Good morning everyone, first of all I want say thanks to GOD because he give me chance to giving you all speech today. And I would say thanks to all of you, because giving your time to come here. Today I will delivery speech about my own entrepreneurship experience in online shop. All of you is familiar with online shop, right? Or one of you have online shop too? Yeah, I will begin about the background of my online shop. 1. My Entrepreneurship background I start my entrepreneurship when i was in my first junior high school. I really don’t know why and how I started it. So many people asking me why i start entrepreneurship that? Actually i don’t have real reason. The reason only i need money to completed my own need. When i was 13rd years old,…show more content…
In that moment, we don’t have much social media; we only have hand phone for calling or send short message and Facebook, twitter start there. So, i try to sell many things from people to people. After many years, have much social media we have, like BBM, Line, and Instagram. I had my blog too for promotion my product. When the social media become popular, I start to promotion my product in there. I fell very easier because I can sell to other people not only my friends and my surrounding. Not only that, I can find other product that I sell and easy to find the supplier. After using social media, I can sell my product to others city to like Jakarta. When I start my entrepreneurship, I have much complicacy. One of the complicacy is like I don’t have modals take product from my supplier. But this problem I solve, because my sister want lend her money for my modals. The next complicacy is difficult find the best supplier that can give me the best price. My first supplier is my sister friends. Before my online shop, I am usually bought her product. So, I try to become her reseller and it success. The last complicacy is a lot of online shop now. We can find anything from online shop. We must fight for the best product, best price and best service. It’s little difficult because people want low price and high quality. I just only do the best for my

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