Education In Public Schools

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An education is one of the most important parts in trying to be successful in life. It is unimaginable for most people to envision their lives without a firm and rooted education. Public schools far outnumber any other type of school in America and that is where most students receive their education. On the outside, public schools seem to flourish with students getting perfect scores on the ACT, state standardized testing scores going up every year, and low dropout rates. Those are the schools that are publicized to better America’s reputation in the global education system. However, many schools are not as well rounded as what is seen in the public’s eyes. Many students are deprived of basic educational needs, as well as opportunities to showcase…show more content…
Another study done by the U.S. Department of Education found that nearly 16% of minority students are suspended and forced to go home, while only one percent of students in the majority are suspended and forced to go home (U.S. Department of Education). Suspensions can create an idea that students are not capable of attaining a higher-level education. An additional idea shared by Karen Powell Sears of The University of Connecticut is the theory of “misidentification” (Sears). It can be defined as, “the state of feeling unworthy to motivate oneself to do anything out of fear of preexisting stereotypes” (Sears). A relationship can be found between the concept of “misidentification” and minority students as it pertains to less success and limited opportunities in higher level education (Sears). As peer pressure is common among students of all ages, minority students struggle more than others because of notions that their race is not capable of achieving a high level of…show more content…
An analysis done by Aysola, Orav, & Ayahian makes these claims that economic and social background diminish a minority student's chance in school and that is the way it remains (Aysola, Oray, & Ayahian). Although it is harder for most minority students in schools to have families that prosper economically, they work as hard or harder than their classmates when given the correct academic opportunities in

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