Part-Time Indian Novel

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INTRODUCTION The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, is a novel written by Sherman Alexie and it is for young adults. The illustrator of the novel is Ellen Forney and the novel is referred as a first person narrative by who we know as Junior the main character in the novel, his real name is Arnold Spirit, a Narrative American teenager at the age of 14 years who likes drawing cartoons because he simply believes that is the only thing that he is good at. Arnold grows up under difficult circumstances that is too much for someone at his age to handle nor adapt to and live with them. His family including the community he grows in is very poor, their lives simply depends on alcohol since alcohol is regarded as the most important thing to them rather than education. The book is titled “… dairy of a part-time Indian”, I think title on its own tells more about the book hence it is about the growing up of the Indian boy “Arnold”. In the following essay I will be discussing the root causes of physical and psychological violence that are in the text, I will be mostly paying attention on how Arnold represents and comes to terms with violence in his life. POVERTY AND POOR CONDITIONS Arnold family is…show more content…
Arnold also vows that he does not like the Indians who attend the powwow because they gets into fights everytime when they are drunk. There is also the cruelest triplets who make fun of Junior and beat him up, and Rowdy pays a revenge for his friend. I came to see that Indians handle things differently than other people, this is proven when Arnold attack Roger a white boy, he did not attack him back though he respected him. This shows the different in cultures or is the way we are being raised or the environment we are growing up in. Indians believes that the only solution for a problem is to attack one
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