Jack Ma Leadership Analysis

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Part 2 Consider the underlying message of your prominent personality’s attributes that will help you in your long term career development. The most potential underlying message of Jack Ma having the graduate attribute of leadership is that leader lead his or her team effectively and efficiently and is able to involve themselves with the team and to carry out tasks together with the team in the process in order to achieve the common goal, while “boss” gives orders, commands and oftentimes do not involve themselves in the process of acquiring the common goal as he or she sees the company goal as the responsibility of his team of employees. We feel that it will in one way or another help us in our long term career development in term…show more content…
This can be proven by how hard Jack Ma worked and studied in his entrance exam at Hangzhou Normal University, formally known as Hangzhou Teacher’s Institute. In which he failed twice but was finally able to pass on his third attempt. This attribute is also helpful in our long term career development because it enable a person to willingly look at their own past mistake and to forgives themselves will allow them to learn how prevent from repeating the same mistakes. From this attribute, it shows that in order to achieve one’s goals, one should never ever give up. One should do their best until the work and effort in achieving one’s goal has bear fruit. This is what Jack Ma did in order to get to where he is in today's…show more content…
The reason we conclude so it because his business philosophy is such successful that from a small corporation at the time where internet oftentimes are not pretty much tackle by the China’s community, to a big corporation owning a well-known and successful online marketplace with variety of goods that attracted 100 million visitors per day on his online websites. This amount of buyers has actually occupy 40% of China population. He has start his small business with just 18 people and has expanded to a big campus of 30 thousand people due to his new ideas for a different kind of business venture, that is Alibaba, to win his customers’ trust. The most worthy of mention is that he created convenience to customers by offering variance products available to be purchase straight from suppliers at a reasonable cost. Through his example, we believe that in our future long term career development especially when we do a business venture, we should always believe in ourselves and stay positive in generating as well as to work our ways through to make our new ideas or innovation to actually become an end-product rather than a

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