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Ronald Reagan’s ‘revolution’ is debated to this day whether it was or was not an actual revolution. However, the [Reagan Revolution played an important role in the United States history. The defeat to Gerald Ford modified the conservative movement, the Republican Party and the USA. Reagan's opinion on such important questions as aggressive anti-Communism, tax cuts, reductions in administration spending, and the application of military power to protect the United States’ interests changed greatly after 1976. The significance of Reagan as a political figure and the impact of his changes on the politics and economy of the country (] were very life changing for the greater good…show more content…
The purpose of this new ideology that came into effect was to bring the United States out of an economic crisis (in which they were in at this time), due to events that ‘crippled’ America; for example the Vietnam War. When the war was over, [American soldiers had borne the brunt of a demoralizing and ultimately fruitless campaign to prop up our country's anti-Communist allies in Vietnam's civil war. More than 57,000 American servicemen died in the jungles of Southeast Asia, and much of the American military's fighting spirit and effectiveness died with them (]. Other events such as the American Embassy takeover by the Iranians in Iran were ‘hitting’ people hard back in the United States. With this new ideology and revolution, Reagan would put his entire effort into making America strong again; and to ‘get our pride back.’ After America experienced these disastrous events that traumatised the nation, Reagan was adamant in keeping the nations’ spirit positive and in good health. He showed this through various speeches he made at numerous rallies. The other part of this ideology was to take down Communism with a non-aggressive fight, especially with the Soviet Union. Though Reagan’s opposite number Mikhail Gorbachev (President of the Union Soviet) and Reagan were friends, they did not believe in the same political view. Reagan believed that Capitalism was a great way to protect a country, rather than Communism. He thought that each person should think on their own as well as ‘own what they own.’ In retrospect, he wanted people to have the freedom of speech. His leadership came in very strong through many of his speeches. An example of one of his infamous speeches was one just as he had won the

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