Of Mice And Lothar Case Study

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After listening to Eunice and Lothar’s story regarding the establishment of their music cafe and art gallery as well as other sub-ventures, I found that the two of them have quite a few legal issues to worry about. While their ambition and entrepreneurship is admirable and inspiring, they are unaware of legal issues such as confusion in the market place, trademark infringement, copyright infringement, defamation lawsuits, and issues regarding intellectual property. As their unofficial aid, here’ how I would advise Eunice and Lothar so that their respective risks of getting sued are lessened. One of the primary legal issues that Eunice and Lothar are facing is regarding the name of their music cafe and art gallery, “Harry Pottter’s Laughing Soufflé” and its logo featuring and unrecognizable depiction of Harry Potter sitting accompanied by the image of a golden arch, similar to that of fast food chain, Mc Donald's.…show more content…
Rowling’s. With her book idea, Eunice also faces a potential suit from Lothar whom she does not plan on sharing a portion of her potential profits with. Given that Lothar’s portraits are going to be included in Eunice’s book and that she will be recounting events of their business experience tother, Eunice is legally required to compensate Lothar for the illustration portion. While Lothar might not necessarily get the 50% profit split that he desires, given that Eunice is recounting her personal experience and perspective, he is due some portion of whatever profits are made, especially if he registers his

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