The Importance Of Coffee

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No matter where you’re from and how you’re feeling, you can always find peace in a cup of coffee. It is much more than a drink, coffee is a wake-up call. Over the years, people’s opinion of coffee has changed drastically. There was a time when people thought coffee was cancerogenic, but today doctors might even start recommending it. A 2015 study showed that drinking coffee may even reduce the risk of o Cardiovascular diseases o Parkinson’s disease o Type 2 diabetes o Cirrhosis o Uterine and liver cancer o Gout Roasted beans of Coffea canephora, or commonly known as Robusta coffee, and Coffea arabica are two species which are most purchased in Europe and North America. The preparation methods are different in every country. In Italy, a…show more content…
Why is that? Well, there are two reasons. 1. Drinking mineral water before an espresso cleanse your palate and allows you to really enjoy the flavours in the espresso. 2. Coffee is a strong diuretic and before or after one cup of coffee it is best to drink a glass of water. How to Drink an Espresso Shot? Luigi Bezzera created the first Espresso machine. It was one of the biggest inventions when it comes to coffee we all love. Even today people enjoy and cherish a cup of coffee during the day. Sometimes you might wonder, what is the right way to drink an espresso shot? It is actually very simple. Just a few steps and you will enjoy your espresso shot even more than you already do. There are different methods, so you should always follow the one you enjoy most. 1. When you’re served your espresso and the glass of water, first take a sip of water to clear your palate. 2. Smell is a big part of the flavour so, you should inhale the bitter-sweet aroma. 3. The cream on top of the espresso is the most bitter part of the drink. So, for people that don’t enjoy that bitterness, it is best to stir it with a spoon and mix it with the rest of the espresso or simply discard
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