Aurora Play In The Mampest

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Act 2: The fairy god mother Scene 1: Fairy I: Aurora! Come down and eat your breakfast! Fairy II: You know what, I’ve just realized that our little Aurora has turned five already. Fairy I: Hm…Yes I remember, it seems just like yesterday. She was so small, so tiny … AURORA!!! If I have to get up there I swear… Little Aurora: I am here. Fairy II: Sit down, honey, I made you oatmeal for the most important meal of the day. Aurora frown her face cause her aunt’s oatmeal is always inedible They lived quiet and peaceful life in a cottage far away in the woods, completely unaware that there’s always someone in the corner watching. From a good distance, Maleficent and her faithful servant are also observe with patience in the corner Maleficent: How…show more content…
She dances to the waltz when there’s no music, turn around and bump into him. Prince: Hi! Aurora: Yes, hello… Prince: I didn’t mean to frighten you, it just that you were dancing so gracefully and I… and I… Aurora: And you…? Prince: …I just want to look at you forever. Aurora: …(kind of flush and happy at the same time - the first hint of love) Prince: Oh I’ve been completely rude, my name is Philips, I am looking for King Stefan’s castle. Aurora: Follow the left side of the road, two days and you’ll be there. Prince: Yes, thank you. Sorry but I didn’t catch your name? Aurora: Why would you want to know my name? Prince: Cause it would take forever to find someone just by face and no name. And I can’t wait that find you again. Aurora: Its… Aurora Prince: Aurora… Aurora: Yes, Aurora Prince: Well, good bye, till I see you again Aurora: Till you find me again Prince: Yes, till I find you again. Scene 3: Aurora keeps on singing for her heart now filled with things to sing about when a familiar voice burst in to thin air. Maleficent: Someone is having a good day? Aurora: Well I am having a good day…if you must know (she held her arm around Maleficent’s shoulder, hug her from the

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