Persuasive Essay On Sexual Education

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When going into freshman year, anyone would have wanted any other class besides sex ed. Why would anyone want to sit in a 47-minute-long class and talk about anything related to sex with a teacher who is obviously more uncomfortable than you and your peers? Nevertheless, most teens have absolutely no problem outside of the classroom to talk about or involve themselves with anything sexual, and this is where the goal of sexual education has failed our young. The topic of what to teach during sexual education class in school is a current topic that is being debated throughout several school systems. “Sexual education” is the instruction on matters regarding the physical and emotional portions of human sexuality, sexual anatomy, sexual activity, reproduction, safe sex, contraceptives, and sexual abstinence. Even though this is the definition of what sexual education should be, teens are not getting the education they deserve. Some schools are focusing all their efforts on teaching abstinence to teens. In exchange, abstinence is the surest way to prevent sexually transmitted diseases…show more content…
Kittie Hemlick argues that schools teach abstinence “because it protects the person from selfish use.” Is it selfish if you’re not hurting anyone? I believe that if teens participate in any sexual activity and are being safe, they aren’t hurting anyone. It is implied that Hemlick’s entire argument consists of a Christian atmosphere and a claim that sex is immoral. Well, what exactly is the definition of “immoral?” In the Bible, the holy rule to judge if something is immoral is “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Basically, this means that if something is immoral, it would hurt people either emotionally or physically. Not everyone is a Christian and follows Christian values, but even those who are, believe in this command. So, do kids who have sex fall into this “immoral”

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