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In era and globalization word, today we face a lot or diseases that become worse. Currently this issue become popular in media, newspaper, television, internet and also radio. Here I would like to pick one issue or one disease that almost of Malaysian people do not know more deepen which is Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s disease is an issue of concern in the modern world that we live in today. “Alzheimer's disease associated symptoms include depression, irritability, mood liability, anxiety, and sleep disturbance” (Grossberg, 2003). Alzheimer is a disease that kill brain will bring the die of brain and causes problem with memory, thinking and behaviour. Just like the rests of our bodies, our brains also changes as we age. For those that have…show more content…
For those that have Alzheimer eventually they die. Some change in memory is normal as we grow older, but the effects of Alzheimer’s disease are more serious. They include difficulties with communicating, learning, thinking and making decision. Many people were worry about to become more forgetful as they grow older. As I said earlier that our brain changes as we become age, just like the rest of our bodies. Many condition will bring disrupt memory and mental function. The possible causes of memory problem will include depression, medication side effects, excess alcohol use, thyroid problems, poor diet, vitamin deficiencies and certain infections. Malaysia is one of the developing countries located in Southeast Asia. According Azlina (2011) population stands at over 28 million people with proportions of 50.4% Malay, 23.7% Chinese, 11% indigenous, 7.1% Indian and 7.8% others. The number of people reaching old age in increasing; it is of concern to health care provider. The number of people reaching old age is increase, it is of concern health care are provider by government to decrease the amount of number of ages that will have Alzheimer’s…show more content…
People with memory loss or other possible Alzheimer’s warning signs may hard to find or to recognize that they have problem on the symptoms. It’s important to know the signs of Alzheimer’s disease. If you know the signs, you can help to get away from this problem. Some signs of the disease are divided into two categories which are early signs and later signs. For early signs are first you will feel that it is hard to recognize something, will always ask the same questions over and over, should having problem that are related with problem solving in math like paying a bill and losing thing or will put the thing at the odd place. Besides, for the later signs of Alzheimer’s disease are you did not able to remember on how to brush your teeth or comb your hair, being confused time, place or people for example forget to remember name of people, moreover forgetting to recognize name of common thing such as computer, bed or apple. Some older people may have a condition called mild cognitive impairment (MCI). It can be early sign of Alzheimer’s disease, but not everyone with MCI will bring or develop until Alzheimer’s disease. People that having MCI still be able to take care of themselves and be able to do their normal life which is normal activities. Here we have difference condition between Alzheimer’s disease and normal aging. For normal aging are making a bad decision once in a while, missing a monthly payment, forgetting which day it

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