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Introduction to Film and Paper For my film review I chose to review the movie The Notebook. The Notebook is a love story that follows most of the lives of Noah and Allie: from the time they met as teenagers to the time of their death. The story begins when the couple is older and the wife suffers from dementia, specifically Alzheimer’s. She doesn’t remember anything, even her beloved husband, so in order to help her remember Noah (the husband) reads her their love story over and over again as she sits there listening with unknowing ears. The plot twists back and forth between the young couple and their adventures, and the old couple as Noah reads the story to his white haired wife who considers him nothing more than a nice stranger. Throughout…show more content…
With the presence of AD there are specific pathological lesions that are found on the brain (Hughes et al. 2006). People who suffer from this disease often go through “stages” since the loss of cognitive function is gradual. During the early disease stage there are often no sign of impairment, no noticeable memory or cognitive problems (Lu & Bludau 2011). Though the cognitive abilities are not noticeably affected the degenerative process has begun to occur in the brain (Lu & Bludau 2011). The individual may be aware of their forgetfulness over time but the family members remain relatively unaware throughout this stage, even doctors may reassure the patient that these forgetful episodes can be attributed to old age (Lu & Bludau 2011). It could be months or even ears before the patient moves on to the “second-stage” of dementia, the mild disease stage. During this stage the lapses of their memory become more frequent and noticeable (Lu & Bludau 2011). It goes from the occasional misplacement of objects and faces to being unable to perform hobbies, or tasks that they once loved dearly and were accustomed to doing. This stage is where the family begins to notice and the cognitive effects begin to effect everyday life (Lu & Bludau
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