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I select 'Les Miserables'. This book is famous for its name 'Jean Valjean' in korea. I saw a movie 'Les Miserables', and I thought the grand quality and detailed descriptions are most impressive compositions. So I have a thought to read 'Les Miserables' in person. Luckily, as an English book report, I select and read this book. This book's sketchy summary is- Before the French Revolution, Jean Valjean stole a loaf of bread for his sister. But, soon he catched and imprisoned into the jail. He persistently attempt to jailbreak, at last his punishment became 19 years. After he come out of the prison, no one greets him because he already branded as a criminal in town, but only one person bishop Myriel greets him, however Jean Valjean didn't satisfy…show more content…
Young men prepare barricades, Jean Valjean receive letter from Marius and Eponine determined to come back barricades to meet Marius, but she died by government forces. At that time Javert is in the barricades hiding his identity, soon exposed and became prisoner. However Jean Valjean releases Javert. The following day, the government forces attack the barricades, as a result almost of young men died, only Marius rescued by Jean Valjean. In this process, Thenardiers steal Marius's ring and Jean Valjean meets Javert. Jean Valjean beg Javert to release me in order to save Marius. Javert releases them and suicide because of shattering his belief. After, Marius recovers with Cosette's nursing, But he yet don't realize who is the savior. Before the Marius and Cosette's wedding, Jean Valjean confess his past and he leave their side. During wedding, Marius discover his ring from Thenardiers and he realize Jean Valjean save his life, so they visit Jean Valjean and heard hiding stories. After hearing the story, they singing a last song with dead Fantine, Eponine and young men gave their lives for…show more content…
Jean Valjean's humanity values and Javert's law and order value are conflicting, but at last Jean Valjean forgive Javert because Javert's intention is right in his perception. However Javert thinks he can't co-exist with Jean Valjean's opposed belief, so he confused and finally suicide. In this issue, Jean Valjean is most desirable but I judge Javert's acting is also respectful, despite his acting is a little violent. In our society, we need persons who assemble Javert however they should respect human than law. Second, the story of French revolution. French revolution is occur to cut poor vicious cycle, so they are fight for citizen's side, but the citizens doesn't act in front of government forces. Citizens afraid of innovation. If citizens fight with young men against for government forces, they can change their circumstance, However they didn't act and the life became more miserable. In this issue, I judge innovation will be frightening but Just standing and hope better future is most foolish acting. Nothing turn unless we acting. So reading this content, I hope they act further on one's own and I determined to act more and more self-centered (not meaning selfish) and don't afraid

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