Rings Of Friendship Short Story

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Rings of Friendship It was a gloomy Monday afternoon in Potterville, everyone was in a hurry to go home from school and work. William Weathers was on his way to pick up his sister, Anne. They were walking peacefully when suddenly a car beeped and almost hit Anne by a hair. It almost hit Anne. Almost. She secretly wished that it just did. "Are you insane? Watch where you're going!" William was furious, pounding on the car door, until the driver came out. "I am so sorry! Believe me, I didn't mean to do it and I'm still learning, I mean I just got my license and it's my fault, I know, are you hurt?" The driver was rambling on and on, but William couldn't hear him, he was focused on one thing... The driver only has one foot, the other is obviously…show more content…
must be because of those sunglasses of yours. Are you waiting for anyone?" The girl laughed before answering, "Oh no, I was just exploring the village a bit." "You should stay with us for a bit." Then William introduced everyone to Olympia, that's what she said her name was. "I wish could play in a team again." Hiccup sighed as the football players jogged past them. "Well, why don't you try out, then?" Olympia asked "I've been out of it for too long. I'm not qualified for it anymore." "So work for it. My dad owns the gym three blocks away from here. Use that information as you wish. " Olympia smirked and the others were deep in thought "Maybe I can join Hiccup and try to box again." Anne added "Anne No! What are you even thinking?" William countered "I'll train in baby steps, Will! I'll be fine!" "I could work to get into competitions again." Grace smiled "And what about you, tough guy?" Olympia asked Will "What do you mean?" "What do you love to do?" "I love not watching my sister get seizures." "Oh come on, I may be blind but I feel that you're passionate about something too." "Fine. I used to figure skate." "Oooh not so tough after…show more content…
A sports festival." Olympia said with a smile Unlike the others, William liked to train alone, but today Olympia insisted to go with him to the rink. "It's not like you'll even see me anyway." The moment the words tumbled from his lips, William wanted to take it back "Sometimes, you don't even have to see things to know that they're beautiful." She replied, not taken aback by William's comment "What's this?" He asked, grabbing the piece of paper in Olympia's hands "I loved to draw, I tried to get back to it too. So I tried to draw myself. But each of you is a part of me now, you and Hiccup telling me about such beautiful views, you've become my eyes and Anne and Grace take me everywhere I want to go, they've become my feet." "It's beautiful, Olympia... Even if they are just five rings in rows." Olympia laughed at that "Shut up and skate for me, Weathers." When William got back, Olympia was sat unmoving, she was unconscious. After a day in the hospital, they all found out that Olympia has choroidal melanoma and tumors were spreading in her body

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