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The Spanish-American War was one of America’s quickest wars it was involved in. It was a clear victory for the United States and a swift one. But why was it such a defining war for America? The war was so important for the country because it really established America as a world power. Imperialism was introduced to the nation, after gathering the Philippines, Guam and Puerto Rico from the Spanish. Militarism was also adopted during this time, after America’s dominant victory in battle. These two ideals would push the nation to the point of a world power. With the new policy running through the public’s veins, even the American people felt it was time for the United States to rise to power in the world. Many citizens felt their success in the Spanish-American War proved it was due time for them to compete with the European superpowers. With imperialistic ideas running through congress, the United States was claiming land in a lot of the Pacific Islands and even later annexed Hawaii in 1959. Although the United States was claiming islands in the Pacific, it was hard and competitive to gain land elsewhere in the world, as much of the globe was already under a European power’s flag. Imperialism can be…show more content…
At the time, Spanish was a world power and competed with nations like England and France on a world stage. To not just defeat, but dominate the Spanish in war, really put the idea that America was a world power in the public mind. If there’s anything that’s powerful in this world, it’s when the federal government and the public work together or have the same ideas. That was the case here. America rising to a world power didn’t just give them more land, but it also allowed for American citizens to compete with European powers on a global scale. With America becoming a world power, the market would explode in

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