Mexican American Territory War Research Paper

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The Territory War PART I - INTRODUCTION The Mexican American war broke out against Mexico in May, 1846. The United States sent troops to Mexico to fight against the Mexican state. There were a lot more American troops than the Mexican army and from Washington DC, President Polk told the American troops to attack Mexico. The main reason for the United States to fight with Mexico was their need for expansion because the U.S government wanted the Texan territory, New Mexico, and California. Mexico had independence in 1821 and by 1846 when the Mexican American war happened Mexico had already experienced different types of government such as a dictatorship, a republic and most importantly a monarchy when Spain occupied the Mexican territory. The…show more content…
If war comes the American people and the other nations of the world will sit in judgment and render a verdict as to the right and justice of the cause. Every American who is patriotic in the highest sense feels that to go to war without a just cause which will bear the critical judgment of future generations would be an irreparable injury to the nation.”. Because of the nation’s beliefs and feelings decades after going to war with Mexico it seems like the United states did not want to go to war with Mexico or other nations that wanted war with the United States but for some reason it was necessary to gain the territory that they wanted and because of what happen with Texas when Mexico lost it in December 29, 1845 when the United States made Texas the 28th state of the U.S territory. The cause for the annexation was the reclamation of the U.S citizens against the mexican government who had been wounded and their properties razed, during the frequent civil confrontations between mexican liberals and conservatives in that period of time and also the United States wish to acquire California and New Mexico and the U.S government knew that Mexico was a weak nation because they were just coming back from being a Monarchy and having its Independence, which means that they had an advantage of winning the war and obtain what they wanted. In addition the U.S Army was more experienced and powerful compared to the Mexican Army that was just starting to

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