Rhetorical Analysis Of Education And Jobs For The Future

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In the speech “Education and Jobs for the Future” Obama conveys his intentions for the future to the citizens of Nashville, Tennessee. He hopes to strengthen the economy by reforming education from pre-kindergarten to college. Obama uses a personal anecdote of his past, establishes a connection with his audience, and appeals to the audience’s sense of national pride to help convey his message. The speech begins with a flashback to the financial struggles of Obama’s youth. He relates to the audience by saying “I’m not very different than a lot of the students who are here” (Obama). He sympathizes with many of the students’ situations, but he also offers hope for the future. His personal experience helps the audience understand how much he values education, and explains how his beliefs influence his programs. Obama’s anecdote provides a personal example of the benefits of education, especially for struggling families. In addition, ethical appeals are used throughout the speech and help Obama establish a relationship with the audience. The president includes everyone in his plans for the future, saying “…we need to grow our economy, we need to strengthen the…show more content…
The president refers to parent involvement when he says, “That investment in our children—nothing is more important” (Obama). The president appeals to the parents’ sense of obligation to their children. Parents will be more likely to support the programs previously mentioned, after they realize how they will positively affect their children’s education. The speech also appeals to the audience’s sense of duty to their country saying that education will allow the American Dream to prosper. The president hopes to gain support from the audience by imagining a bright future as a result of his education programs. Emotional appeals to the audience’s patriotic senses help transmit Obama’s

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