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Throughout my life I have been exposed to various groups of people. I have had the option to join their group or pass by if there are not meaningful connections formed between myself and the group. Whether it is girl scouts, Catholic schooling, or temple with people who express the same cultural values as me – I have come across many possible niches that I have the potential to join. Ultimately, as time passes, so do the discourse communities each person belongs in. In this paper, I will define discourse communities and their places in society. Additionally, it is important to discuss the personal experience I have had with some varying groups. This may entail leaving the groups and joining others – a common trend amongst all people. Finally,…show more content…
All in all, the objective is to reach an understanding of the effects of discourse communities and the long-term impacts of their actions. At any given point, a person has the capability to recognize the macrocosms of discourse communities around them. Most are ignorant to the groups of people formed in society. With growing knowledge of these communities, it has been difficult to ignore their presence. From a classroom of people with the same collegiate major to the diverse groups throughout the university, the similarities amongst the different communities are staggering. By definition, discourse communities have been used to describe writing abilities and in genre analysis (Bawarshi, n.d.). That being said, they have become a standard in describing social constructs as well. Discourse groups have a few traits that are commonly known: open communication, set public goals, communicative in aims, and members that share at least one defining characteristic with one another (textbook citation). Unlike other forms of social communities, discourse communities are…show more content…
Some of these would include celebrity followings, advertising for different companies, and even societies dedicated to the furthering of their beliefs. Ultimately, the interactions between these communities should try their best not to affect one another. In order for these communities to succeed in the presence of each other, I think it is important to keep them isolated from one another. However, this would be a situation that would eliminate diversity – an essential aspect to enjoying life to the fullest. In the best interest of the communities, isolation may be ideal but for the individuals it is necessary to interact with people from other communities. These interactions allow for each human to learn new things and from their relationships develop new understandings of the world. To conclude, it is essential for the communities to interact in order to gain new information – even if it may cause issues within the community and its

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