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The Chronicles of Benjamin Rush On January 4, 1746, in Byberry, Pennsylvania, John Harvey Rush and Susanna Hall gave birth to their fourth child, Benjamin Rush. Benjamin was one of seven children in the Rush family. The family lived on a plantation in Philadelphia County, fourteen miles outside of Philadelphia. Benjamin Rush’s father was a successful farmer and a gun repairman during his lifetime. In 1752, when Benjamin was just only six years old, his father passed away. The tragedy left only his mother to take care and provide for herself and the seven children. On top of taking care of her children, she had to manage the general store, which was the only source of income at the time. Although Benjamin Rush dealt with many issues…show more content…
The amount of school Rush went through would definitely pay off in the long run. Along with being a physician, Benjamin was also a writer and a teacher. Benjamin Rush was well known for his profession and became very successful in his work. He was a very personable, likable man. He treated every patient with respect and deeply cared about their well-being. Having personable characteristics is most likely what made Benjamin Rush such a popular person. With his classes at the College of Philadelphia being popular among the students and staff, he was able to further his career and his writings. Rush wrote many articles and published the first American textbook on chemistry in 1769. Along with writing the first textbook, he was the first doctor to begin work in the psychiatric field. It was estimated that Rush taught to at least 3,000 students and wrote around 85 different papers, letters, and books. No matter what, Rush was always very concerned with the health and safety of others. He was a committed physician who compiled his knowledge of medical theories and used them to promote the health and safety of others. One of Rush’s most important medical find was that he argued for mental illness and discussed how it was the result of imbalances in the brain, rather than just an imaginary illness. By spending time studying and doing research, it earned him the title of “Father of American

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