Spanish American War Research Paper

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In the Presidential candidacy of 1900, Republicans nominated Theodore Roosevelt to run alongside President William McKinley. President McKinley won for the second term, while Roosevelt was sworn in as Vice President. Unfortunately, six months after being signed in as President, William McKinley was assassinated, Theodore Roosevelt became President. Theodore was the youngest person at age 42, to be sworn in to Presidency. Before his assassination, McKinley called for action and got the United States involved in a war with Spain. The Spanish American war occurred on April 25, 1898 and ended on August 12, 1988, it occurred because America got involved in Cuba’s fight for independence against Spain. President McKinley tried to hold off going to…show more content…
The United States win of the Spanish American War also lead to United States being seen as a world power. Theodore Roosevelt was the main candidate for the war with Spain, and oversaw the need for a trans-isthmian canal that connects Atlantic border to Pacific for the United States. The Spanish-American war showed the United States that they needed quick access from Atlantic to Pacific coast, and also a quick method of transportation for goods. One obstacle in the way of building the canal is the Clayton-Bulwer Treaty of 1850. It was a treaty between the United States and Great Britain that was created because both sides feared that the wither side creating a canal would use it for national advantage. America growing as a nation felt that it was necessary to build a canal, so in agreement, the Hay-Pauncefote Treaty that allowed the United States to build a Central America canal, if United States promised to charge the same amount of money for all nations. Led by Ferdinand de Lesseps, the French had attempted to build a canal through Panama earlier in the 1870’s, but had failed due to diseases, which took approximately 20,000 lives and financial problems. They left behind a half- built canal. Panama was not the United States first choice as to where to build the canal. First choice was actually Nicaragua it had abundant lakes that connected to each other and the terrain was flatter, but Nicaragua’s volcanic activity made people question if it was a safe place to build the

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