Soma In The Brave New World

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In the book, “The Brave New World” , everything in society is conceived to be perfect, but it's all actually the complete opposite. This is called a dystopian society. “The Brave New World" is a great book for using this fake society to make everyone in the book think everything is perfect (except for the ones that are behind the madness) and not realize what is actually is happening. Another famous book known for this is "The Hunger Games". In "The Hunger Games", everyone is focused on the great life the capital was living and not realizing what they were actually doing, which was conducting a game that forced people to kill each other and survive. "The Brave New World" takes the same idea and spins it as it is put in a unique utopian society.…show more content…
This snack, though, has many qualities similar to the drugs the world has today. Soma is extremely addicting to some of the characters in the book and in some instances, the addiction acts like an enslavement that can have a really bad effect on the people. This quality is incredibly similar to the illegal drug called cocaine. Cocaine is identical to the fictional drug and it even comes in the same pill form that soma is in. Although they’re both very agnate, soma is also very related to marijuana. The high that weed gives is like the “high” that soma gives to calm down the body. Overtime, marijuana can also become addictive, the same way soma was to…show more content…
One of the major addictions today is the use of our phones. Because of the technology we have today, phones have become an important essential for the common american. Professor Greenfield, a psychologist and assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at the University of Connecticut, ran an experiment to show how phones are so important nowadays. “When we hear a ding or little ditty alerting us to a new text, email or Facebook post, cells in our brains likely release dopamine — one of the chemical transmitters in the brain's reward circuitry. That dopamine makes us feel pleasure. That ping is telling us there is some type of reward there, waiting for us” (Professor Greenfield). An average adult checks their phone 50 to 300 times each day, the same way people would overdose on with soma. This addiction of phones is comparable with the enslavement of soma. Soma becomes necessary in the utopian society, the same way phones are crucial in our everyday lives. In conclusion, “Brave New World” shows how addictions are serious and can affect lives. The addictive drug called soma ruined many lives in the novel. Lenina was a perfect example of how some ruined lives, as she was one of the biggest victims to the enslavement of the pill. Soma was seen as a common snack, even though it has incredible similarities to drugs we have today, like marijuana and cocaine. The addictive pill also is congruent with the

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