Bernard, The Savage, And Mustapha Mond

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The Price Of Happiness If someone had to choose between getting what they wanted and not getting what they wanted. They would always choose getting what they wanted, because they would think that this fulfillment would satisfy their desires and make them happy. In order to maintain the solidity, the society in Brave New World makes sure that all citizens get exactly what they want all of the time.The society is basically set to ensure that each and every person is happy all of the time. This unconditional happiness takes away from the identity of individuals in the Brave New World society. In the text Bernard, Helmholtz, the Savage, and Mustapha Mond help readers consider the price of happiness. In the Brave New World society, “People are happy, they get what they want, and they never want what they can’t get...and if anything were to go wrong there’s soma” (220). People in the society seem to be “satisfied” and “happy”. However they are not given the ability to feel anything…show more content…
In the novel people never grow, they never get sick , they are not worried about death or age because they will never grow old. They will always be young and perfect, nothing will change. So they do not think differently. When an individual has nothing to worry about or be sad about, can they really grow or improve as an individual? Happiness all the time allows for individuals to lose their individuality. “Happiness” is the virtue of the new world. You can't not like what you do. Which is why you are conditioned which makes the level of sadness one could experience little to none. No matter what you will like your social class and not wish for more because that is what you were conditioned to like and be. Which again takes away from their

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