Persuasive Speech On Suicide

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Life should be enjoyable and not taking your own life just by the opinion of others or by the disaster of the world or by any body failure you might be experiencing. Suicide is the act of ending your own death at your own hand to escape the pain or suffering from the world. Accordingly, to the organization of the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention, suicide becomes the 10th leading cause of death in the U.S. We need to be aware of the consequences we are making not only to ourselves but to other people like our friends or family. There’s opportunities in the world to still live by and there’s local services and programs to help out the teens, adults and even elderly people from suicide prevention. Life is tough and I know we all advance…show more content…
Young and elderly people commit suicide for different reasons and need different treatments. The issue of suicide has been around for quite a long time since the Middle Ages. Suicide still continues, which hasn’t disappeared, in fact, it has increased over time considering, due to lack of effort of attending therapy and seeking the help they need to solve their own struggles in their daily routine of life. Females tend to be twice as likely to attempting suicide than males, while males are four times more likely to attempting suicide and more chance of dying. Women tend to be more likely than men to attempt suicide by poisoning, while the range of ages is 45 and 64, and for men is at the rate that occurs at the ages 75 and up. Correspondingly, to the World Health Organization, suicide is the second leading cause of death for young people between the ages of 15 to 29. Especially, among the racial and ethnic groups, American Indians and Alaska Natives have shown to be the highest rate of suicide as well as the non- Hispanic Whites. The lowest rate of suicide is the group of African Americans and second lowest rate is the Hispanics.…show more content…
For example,“Suicide could be a peace in peoples’ life that they never had and won’t hurt anyone else by pain and will Rest In Peace, whereas their suffering ended” (Talks and Testimonies). Although, suicide does bring peace in their lives as a result of their pain will fade away, but their life wasn’t enjoyable like the plan was to have a positive life and be creative. We only have one life and we should take an opportunity to use it and take it wisely and it will prevent stress from your loved ones meaning friends and family. My other comeback is family will eventually pay too much money for the funeral for example, “ Family will dealt with payments to pay off the funeral, which is too much money and not only that, but also causes sadness that will always be permanent until death time and sets a poor example to society” (SMHR). Suicide becomes expensive and isn’t the answer to solve situations and hurt people’s feelings of doing such a negative

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