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INTRODUCTION:- Taxonomy is a biological science; it includes Identification, Nomenclature and Classification of living organism, when taxonomy of limited plants is referred to as systematic botany. The study of identification of a taxon which help of literature or by comparing with plants of known identify. Once the plant has been identified then it is necessary to a give correct scientific name .The naming of plants have international importance. Nomenclatures of plants are regulated by rules of International Codes of Botanical Nomenclature (ICBN). The scientist who identify or know the plant when one observe for the first time, one will be give the scientist name after plant taxa. Classification involves/requires naming (Nomenclature), Describing (assigning features to a taxon), and Identifying (determining that an unknown element is identical to a known one) species. Another definition of taxonomy “Taxonomy is the science of documenting biodiversity” (Keogh, 1995). The term taxonomy was originally coined by Augustin Pyramus de Candolle in 1813 (Stuessy,1990, 1994).…show more content…
(Except Dr R.M. Patel, 1971.Flora of bulsar and its environs) Dr.R.M.Patel had worked on bulsar flora before 40 years. Then after nobody did work on this area. Flora of any area is not fixed up. It changes from time to time. Various ecological factors, mostly biotic, change the floristic components. Therefore, Valsad taluka has selected for the present study with the aims and objectives to make the people aware about the utility of their surrounding plants. During my M.Sc., I observed a good number of plants grown on this region, which I was not well aware of their real identity. The Taluka consist about 99 revenue villages. Therefore, I selected Valsad taluka for my present study with a view to having more exposure in my research

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