Religion In Brave New World

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In the book, Brave New World, after the 9 Years War had ended, the World State came into existence to help stabilize the economy. People were ready for someone to control them, but questionable circumstances arose. People were created in test tubes, there was no suffering, and religion had been abolished. The question becomes, what is the real problem? First, the society in Brave New World does not acknowledge a Creator. There is no religion, except in the Savage Reservation. On the Savage Reservation, there is a mix of Christianity and Native American beliefs. Religion is old and unchanging, and the World Controllers couldn’t find a place for it in their Brave New World. People found happiness in their addictions, not their belief in a higher being, and they were so thoroughly conditioned that most of them never even began to think that there might be something more. As a second point, there was no suffering for mankind in Brave New World. There was no want for anything, and everyone belonged to everyone else. They were all shallow people with no life…show more content…
The government controlled everything. All people had been conditioned to love the job they were made for, they didn’t get to choose where they worked or how they worked, that was all decided for them before they were even competent. John saw what was going on and he tried to get the others to see as well, but because they were conditioned so well, no one else understood. In the scene at the Hospital, John found some Deltas coming to get their soma after his mothers death, and he throws all of it out the window, shouting that they could only be free without it. The government used soma to control the people even more, it made them happy and not likely to realize what was going on around them. Bernard never took soma when he was feeling bad, he stayed sad and talked about his feelings with his friend, Helmholtz, and wound up on an island for thinking

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