Persuasive Essay On Minimum Wage

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Today nearly 1.6 million Americans are working on minimum wage.(bls) To many people minimum wage is not as important to them. However, to others minimum wage is a serious situation. In Idaho our minimum wage begins at $7.25. This pay is not too bad for teenagers that are beginning and haven’t had any job experience. To adults this pay is quite a struggle. Most of them can’t make ends meet and have to pick up a second job just to pay the rent. No matter how people disagree or agree minimum wage is a really serious subject. What is minimum wage? The lowest wage permitted by law or by a special agreement. . It is basically a set pay of how you will get paid once you start working there. Working on minimum wage isn’t too bad once you're a teenager. There’s more money for you and you’re able to save it up for future necessities. Minimum wage for adults aren’t too pleased. Why arent many adults pleased? Adults today are working two…show more content…
610,042 Americans are homeless. They are either not fit for work and are too lazy to find a job or they don't make it on minimum wage. Being on minimum wage depends on the city you live in. If the expenses are too high the minimum wage will be higher. If you live in a city that is not as expensive the minimum wage will be lower. What good will come out of having minimum wage risen? There will be less homeless people. More people won't have to make ends meet. Many Americans have to rely on the Governments help. There is about 109,631,000 Americans on welfare today. Being on welfare helps most of those out there that are working on minimum wage. If minimum wage was risen the welfare numbers would go down faster. Many Americans today are stressed and have anxiety. Many of those Americans are working 2 or more jobs. Minimum wage won't help a lot but it will decrease Government spending. The government will have extra money from everyone who drops

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