Advantages And Disadvantages Of Biometrics

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ABSTRACT—Biometrics is a technique of identity verification that is based on the principle of measurable physiological characteristics like vein patterns from sclera region. Sclera vein is a new biometric recognition method for human identification. Images of sclera vessel patterns are often saturated and the vessel structure in that is multilayered and also it is quite complex to extract the features of vein from sclera. In order eliminate high frequency noise components present in sclera, low pass filter is used. To extract the features, a set of vessel segments combine to create Y shaped branches often belonging to same sclera layer. Mapping scheme is based on Y shaped structure in the…show more content…
INTRODUCTION Our highest priority in the world of information security is that a person accessing sensible, confidential, or sensitive information should be more secure. Such access is usually accomplished by a person’s proving their identity by the use of some means or method of authentication. Here Biometric Authentication is used to validate the identity of a user who wishes to sign into a system by measuring some inbuilt characteristic of that user [4]. Biometrics technology is an efficient method of authentication that provides common use of passwords, smart cards, or a combination of the two. Biometric samples include finger prints, retinal scans, face recognition, voice prints and even vein matching. One of the technique used here is vein matching, also called vascular technology, is a proficiency of biometric identification through the analysis of the patterns of blood vessels visible from the surface of the sclera that is the white layer of eye. While other types of biometric scanners are more popular for Surety systems, vascular image scanner are springing up in fame. The vein in the sclera is the white and opaque outer

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